Yoga Pants w/o undies?? girls!!?

Asked: Yoga Pants w/o undies?? girls!!?

So i dance twice a week and I wear yoga pants to every dance class I have but my only problem is the panty lines i have in yoga pants! they drive me crazy!! My mom wont let me wear a thong (im 16) and i have tried seamless, boyshorts, bikini, and even granny panties and they all show super visible lines! Would it be completely horrible and looked down upon if I wore my yoga pants without underwear? And this is so awkward but if i do wear them without underwear do i need to shave "downthere" a certain way?


I wear yoga pants without underwear, who would ever really know? And no you don't need to shave a certain way.

she wont let you wear thongs? thats stupid..
i dont think it would be awkward without underwear
and as long as you shave and its not hairy you'll be fine!

tell ur mom u hate the underwear line and thats the ONLY reason u want to wear thongs……honestly try to talk to her about it……i ARE 16…its time…..but no it wont be that awkard if u wear no underwear…

Just wear your normal underwear. Who cares if they can see your panty lines through your yoga pants, everyone wears undies. It would really suck to just wear them without undies due to having to wash them everyday keep shaved and just idk the comfort level may vary. and what if they rip by total accident? lol seriously though, it really doesn't matter if your underwear lines show. icon smile Yoga Pants w/o undies?? girls!!?

i wouldnt do it cause i would thinnk everyone knows lol. tell your mom about the situation
and the first thing i thought of when i read your question is camel toe…..sorry

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